About Me

Hi Everyone! 

First off, I’m Tori. 

I’m so happy and honored that you’re here.

A little about me: I live in a very cold, but beautiful place and work a day job that I enjoy but don’t see myself doing for the rest of my life. 

My escape from the temperatures, the demands of my job and customers, the deadlines, or any other range of problems, is writing. 

The sound of my fingers clicking away on the keyboard signals me transporting myself through space and time to a different world. A world where in spite of atrocity, in spite of closed-mindedness, in spite of hate for hate’s sake,  there are those who are kind and open to the world and the people around them. It’s a world of happy endings, twists, fabulous characters, and so much more. 

That sounds nice, doesn’t it? I think so too. 

My mission is that through my own escape, I can help you escape to this world as often as you’d like to as well. 

Let’s get down to business shall we? 

Avem is most definitely going to be a series, possibly a long one. All full of books perfect for a lazy afternoon or a long awaited day off from the chaos that you call home. I want these books to be easy to read, full of love and happy endings, and above all else— transport you somewhere else. 

Are you game? 

I hope so because I am so, so excited to continue writing and connecting with you. You are what makes this all possible for me and as I said, I am so honored you chose to be here, and that you kept reading this all the way to the end! 

Talk soon,

Tori ❤️

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