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Do you ever feel like you live in a cave with no contact with the outside world sometimes? Well, I actually do. 

Global warming and environmental collapse drove my great grandparents and their friends to move their families deep into a cave. They drilled down until they felt safe, and here we’ve been ever since. While this cave protected us from the dangers outside, it runs rampant with arranged marriages, narrow mindedness, and sexism.

So I’m leaving. 

What I found in the outside world is far more mind-blowing and sexy than I could have ever imagined. 

Hi, I’m Tori! I’m so happy and honored that you’re here. I live in a very cold, but beautiful place and work a day job that I enjoy but don’t see myself doing for the rest of my life. My escape from the temperatures, the demands of my job and customers, the deadlines, or any other range of problems, is writing… Read more

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